VIRTUAL CIPHER LIMITED (herein referred as “VCL”) is a Value-Added Services (VAS) provider of Content Services using Shortcodes licensed by the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC).


a. VCL is responsible for ensuring that the content and operation of all their Value Added Services comply with all conditions of this Code of Practice.

b. VCL shall offer an operational, honest and legal service.

c. VCL shall not mislead users concerning the content and accuracy of its products, services and prices.

d. Separate minimum periods will apply to the service we supply to you and to other users depending on the pricing option and service you choose. The minimum service duration or period of service for some of our services is a daily request while the maximum period of service for our services is 30 days (renewable on expiry). For our SMS services, the service will begin on the day you purchase the service via SMS as activation is done almost immediately.

e. VCL services are available in all parts of Nigeria. However, our services are network dependent and certain services may not be available on all networks.

f. Every subscriber will be expected to read our terms of service that is available at

g. VCL will proffer subscription based value added services stated in Schedule 1 of the Code of Practice.

h. VCL shall ensure that subscription to, as well as cancellation of a particular service are similarly convenient and unobstructed for the respective user.

i. Our Value Added Services must not contain anything that is in breach of the laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Services, advertising and promotional material will not facilitate or encourage anything that is in any way unlawful.

j. VCL shall ensure that the users are informed in a transparent and clear manner of the price of the Service before use of the said Service and prior to incurring any Premium Charges.


All services are paid for via credit available on the subscribers’ phone. Once service is requested for, the money is deducted from the balance of the customer’s account. Unless otherwise promoted or advertised, we will normally bill you upfront (in advance) for any charges for the duration of the service.


Consumers shall be bound by VCL terms of service once service is requested for. By activating the service on commencement date, you are deemed to have accepted our service terms.


VCL does not collect any MSISDNs or other personal information about any subscriber.


a. All marketing materials shall be prepared in line with the standard adverting codes from Advertising Practitioners Council of Nigeria (APCON)as well as the Consumer Affairs departments of the NCC.

b. VCL services are not available on all mobile networks and as our services are network dependent, services will be restricted to certain areas within Nigeria where mobile network service is available.

c. Within the context of written/visual-format advertising medium (press, brochure, web site, banner, flash SMS, etc.), VCL shall ensure that the tariff is written in a character size perfectly clear and legible. Within the context of televised/ audio-visual-format communication, the tariff shall appear in a character size, clear and legible. Within the context of radio/ audio promotions, the tariff will be pronounced clearly.


a. VCL customer service hotline for its services (including premium rate services) are provided on the web site at We shall respond to all enquires, complaints and disputes lodged and referenced by any person to the local customer service hotline on 09030580130 as promptly as possible. It is noted that originating calls to the hotline can be charged up to normal rates. In addition to the local customer service hotline on 09030580130, complaints can be lodged by email to

b. We are fully committed to addressing all complaints, fully and fairly, and in a reasonable time frame. We do try and resolve complaints by telephone, however, should you wish to receive a response in writing then please let us know and we will duly send you a written resolution to your complaint.

c. VCL operates a customer service desk that is reachable during working hours (9:00am – 5:00pm) via telephone on 09030580130 and outside working hours via e-mail on

d. For all consumer complaints and escalations, customer may call the customer service hotline on 09030580130 or email customerservice@virtualcipher.comor write to us at Customer Services, Virtual Cipher Limited, 12 Seidu Ajibowu Street, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria


a. We will treat any information concerning any complaint or compliance in confidence and will not disclose it to anyone except or in accordance with any instructions provided by the consumer. However, there are circumstances in which we may be required by law to disclose information. Such requests normally come from Statutory Authorities, for example, Police Forces, EFCC etc. Any such disclosure will be strictly controlled and will be made fully in accordance with the laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

b. The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) is empowered by law and is fully responsible for ensuring compliance as well as investigation into complaints or breach of code by VCL.

c. Where there is a dispute between VCL and clients or consumers that cannot be resolved within 60 days from the first date of lodgement of the complaint, the client/consumer has the right to refer the matter to the Head, Consumer Affairs department of the Nigerian Communications Commission.


1. Virtual Cipher Limited shall not provide or promote services that are or contain:

a. violent or pornographic messages;

b. messages susceptible, by their nature, to debase, degrade or demean or undermine the respect for human dignity, and for the protection of children and teenagers;

c. messages encouraging the commission of crimes or offences or inciting to the consumption of banned substances;

d. messages encouraging discrimination, hatred or violence;

e. messages spreading immoral advertisements of meeting between persons;

f. messages that may clash with religious or political convictions or question the respect for religious and political pluralism in Nigeria;

g. messages that are not appropriate for persons under age, unless preceded by a warning message in the service announcement;

h. messages that induce or promote disharmony or discrimination on the basis of gender, marital status, family status, sexual orientation, race, national origin, religion, age or disability;

i. messages that result in any unreasonable invasion of privacy;

j. messages that induce fear or anxiety;

k. messages that seek to take unfair advantage of any characteristic or circumstance which may make Consumers vulnerable or otherwise encourage Consumers to make calls which are in quantum or duration considered unreasonable or excessive; or

l. messages that mislead, or are likely to mislead in any way.

2. Consumers shall not misuse our services, including but not limited to: dishonestly obtaining services; or using services to send messages that are obscene, threatening or otherwise contrary to applicable laws or regulation.


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