1. Virtual Cipher Limited shall not provide or promote services that are or contain:

a. violent or pornographic messages;

b. messages susceptible, by their nature, to debase, degrade or demean or undermine the respect for human dignity, and for the protection of children and teenagers;

c. messages encouraging the commission of crimes or offences or inciting to the consumption of banned substances;

d. messages encouraging discrimination, hatred or violence;

e. messages spreading immoral advertisements of meeting between persons;

f. messages that may clash with religious or political convictions or question the respect for religious and political pluralism in Nigeria;

g. messages that are not appropriate for persons under age, unless preceded by a warning message in the service announcement;

h. messages that induce or promote disharmony or discrimination on the basis of gender, marital status, family status, sexual orientation, race, national origin, religion, age or disability;

i. messages that result in any unreasonable invasion of privacy;

j. messages that induce fear or anxiety;

k. messages that seek to take unfair advantage of any characteristic or circumstance which may make Consumers vulnerable or otherwise encourage Consumers to make calls which are in quantum or duration considered unreasonable or excessive; or

l. messages that mislead, or are likely to mislead in any way.

  1. Consumers shall not misuse our services, including but not limited to: dishonestly obtaining services; or using services to send messages that are obscene, threatening or otherwise contrary to applicable laws or regulation.