Virtual Cipher provides digital media platfroms for more effective audience, market & consumer engagement

Mobile Content

From web to mobile campaigns, Virtual Cipher assist clients to develop and deliver their digital campaigns by leveraging on new methods of enhancing existing technologies or convergence of digital platforms to provide a bespoke solution that meets your needs whilst maintaining real value. How do we do it? Through a combination of analysis, profiling, proof of concepts, roadmaps, process designs, customer journeys, metrices, reporting and other actions, we provide an end-to-end re-usable platform for campaign success.


Our commitment and customer focus means that you can leave the implementation of your digital campaigns to us and we will apply our tested method to deliver results at key milestones.

Digital Product Marketing

Campaign Development & Delivery

Digital Media

Virtual Cipher enables your business to use digital platforms and new technologies to capture new business opportunities. We help you to develop transformative actions to realise a more appealing future state that presents the opportunity to stay ahead of the competition.



With our in-depth understanding of your digital product, following the launch, we set all go-to-market parameters in motion that includes social media, SMS, MMS, Voice, Data, push notifications, app, in-game ads, location based services and so on. Our method enables total product integration and promotion.

With our Mobile Content Services using Short Codes, Virtual Cipher is able to extend the capability of digital service to reach new audiences that have specific need for your product and services. Virtual Cipher provides Mobile-optimised ad formats such as interactive rich media, in-game and in-app ads.

Social Media



Virtual Cipher deliver your social media advertising strategy as part of your digital strategy that allows your business to capture the effective targeting capabilities of social platforms.