At Virtual Cipher, we assist clients to plan, design, build and optimise digital channels on the web and on mobile. 

Businesses that transform to digital are threatening the incumbent being more agilie and faster to market. The status quo is no longer enough for growth and ongoing value in today's disrupted world.  Virtual Cipher is challenging business as usual and assisting businesses to navigate towards new digital opportunities.

Digital Channels

Web Development

Virtual Cipher provides integration of your web site with forms, social media, payment gateways and other platforms that allows you to utilise new systems and processes to enhance your web capability and reach more of your target audience with your products and services. Our Data experts will optimise your backend systems to enable you benefit from ease of delivery of your campaigns, ads, products and services.


Our integration services further extends to your workforce and business processes, with training and process designs that will enable you to turnaround sales or business lead and improve business profitability using your enhanced digital channels. 






Virtual Cipher will develop a comprehensive web site plan for your business within the context of your overall digital strategy in order to align with your business goals. Our plans cover every relevant aspect of web development from content management to quality assurance and backend security. We go the extra mile, and relate our work on developing or improving your web site to transforming your business to capture digital opportunities. Our unique methodology and our consultative approach enable us to stand out from others and leads to customer satisfaction at every stage of our deliverables.


                                                                               With over 20 years experience delivering web sites to customers, we have             the experience and expertise to take your business to the next level.






Content Management

Mobile App Development

Effective Content Management of your digital platform is instrumental to the success of your digital strategy. How your organisation processes data and converts it to intelligence can provide you with a competitive edge when you are aware of how to utilise what you have. Virtual Cipher keeps you in the know where others keep you in the dark. Our clear cut approach, professionalism and transparency is visible in all our work products to our esteemed client base. 

Web Integration

There is no doubt that in today’s businesses, you cannot avoid mobile apps and tools to assist you to perform important functions on-the-go, from checking your emails to internet banking. Why isn’t your business in this space too? If you are thinking that it is time to engage with millions of mobile users, then Virtual Cipher is here to journey with you to ensure that you can successfully do so and avoid all the pitfalls, wasted effort and money from not knowing what to look out for.


We not only develop content and apps but also align closely with your digital and business strategy to ensure your business goals are met.