Virtual Cipher is a Strategic Digital Agency based in Lagos, Nigeria. We bring people, processes and technology together to help your business to transform to where you need to be to capture the new opportunities of the digital age. ‚Äč

Virtual Cipher helps clients to identify and analyse gaps in their digital transformation and bring people, processes and technology together to develop a bespoke programme that addresses new capabilities to optimise digital opportunities. We enable technology to drive ideas, sharing knowledge and actioning for transparency and accountability. Our customer centric approach enables us to empower businesses to co-create and action new opportunities. We re-engineer your organisation for innovative digital ideas to not only be heard but to become real.











We work closely with you to provide:

  • A deeper engagement with your target audience and customers, tailoring your products and services to better suit their needs
  • A clearer perspective on your company's future growth strategy
  • Improved workforce efficiencies through the adoption of new digital technologies
  • Effective use of data to drive analytics and intelligence


Our philosophy: quality, experience, commitment and client trust.