About Us


Virtual Cipher is a Strategic Digital Agency based in Lagos, Nigeria. We bring people, processes and technology together to help your business to transform to where you need to be to capture the new opportunities of the digital age. 

Our Digital Services


We are building digital channels converging web, mobile and social platforms. We are opening clients to new media at a fraction of the cost and risk and twice the ROI. We are re-engineering processes and integrating new technology.

We assist businesses to capture new digital opportunities

Our Digital Transformation Services will move your business into the digital age

We specialise in:


  • Web Development
  • Web Integration
  • Mobile Apps
  • Content Management
  • Digital Campaigns
  • Digital Product Marketing
  • Mobile Content Services
  • Social Media




Technology is rapidly changing the way we do business. Your future customers will be embracing new values that will need you to innovate in order to evolve. Are you really ready for the digital age? Virtual Cipher will help you succeed and benefit from digital transformation.